JingleNog's styles begin with Melissa Byrnes' sketches and stories.  Many of the JingleNog characters are based on the habits, personalities and interests of her family and friends.  Once she has finished a design, she sends her drawings to her workshops in Italy and Poland with the specifications for shape, color, paint, trim and glitter details.  All JingleNog ornaments are created from mouth blown, hand painted, decorated and glittered glass in Italy and Poland.  Every JingleNog piece is created using the Old World European Glass Making Techniques of molding or free blowing the glass.  Both methods require artisans that are very well trained and skilled at the art form of glass ornament making.  Each ornament comes with a Gift Box, Insert Card (for storage and handling tips), Story Card, Hangtag and miniature Jingle Bell on the ornament crown. 

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