Last Laugh Asylum

  • SKU: 6000662
  • Item Number: 039574
  • Introduced: 2018
  • Dimensions: 10.75"

An attached lit gate and tri-color lighting are the main features that elevate The Last Laugh Asylum to one of the best Halloween designs that artist Scott Enter has ever created. This old decrepit mansion has faded from glory days past to haunting nights now. If any deranded clown or spooky zombie is bothersome, perhaps they belong at the Last Laugh. The pile of luggage outside reminds us that once a creepy character checks in, they don't check out. An eerie blue light illuminates the old widow's walk, while the purple lanterns flanking the gate alarm trespassers to keep a safe distance.

Set of both pieces.

Coordinates with 6000669 "Jokes Over".


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